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Guardian Culture: Our culture is unique and favors ambition, integrity, and excellent work ethic

  • Dynamic workspace, but consistently structured processes
  • Emphasis on nurturing and growing talent—critical thinking
  • A unique mix of experience and ingenuity—innovation cannot happen without new ideas and nothing generates new ideas like ingenuity. Combine that with unwavering experience and you have a great combination.
  • Static hierarchy – open seating—we believe in equality among our employees, whether it’s the CEO or the youngest analyst.
  • Strict focus on following all compliance related rules—we take rules very seriously, and we make sure we follow the letter of the law to the t.
  • Dedicated to constant learning and skill building—a team is only as strong as its weakest member—or so the saying goes. Constant learning is the key to making sure our team stays on top of things.
  • Lean management—we believe in cutting out excessive red tape—each and every team member has a vibrant role to play.

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